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November 2, 2016, Written by 0 comment

Pain can be a huge motivator and catalyst for change.  In most cases in our office, people come in asking why they started feeling pain in the first place since they did nothing different throughout their daily lives to start feeling that pain.  That pain you started feeling is a signal to your brain from your body that something may not be functioning properly.

Pain is usually the last symptom to occur when there is dysfunction.  This dysfunction may have been going on for some time and finally, that dysfunction hit the threshold where you started to feel and experience pain.  At this point, it is not uncommon to pop an Advil or some other kind of NSAID.  The problem is, that this approach to pain relief, trying to fix biomechanical dysfunction through biochemical means, is simply putting a band-aid over the check engine light.  That dysfunction is still there!

So how do we correct this dysfunction you ask?  First, we must evaluate how you move and determine where deficiencies in your movement may be coming from.  These deficiencies may be due to a restricted joint, tight soft tissue structures, poor motor control/coordination, or other biomechanical issues. Then we restore proper movement to get to the root or your pain, teach you corrective exercises, and educate you on how to stay pain-free and ON POINT!