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December 1, 2016, Written by 0 comment
The diaphragm serves as the primary muscle of respiration AND as a core stabilizer. The front and sides of the core are formed by the transverse abdominus, while the back consists of the deep multifidi. The bottom of the core is formed by the pelvic floor while the diaphragm serves as the roof. Together these muscles form an internal canister and are responsible for intraabdominal pressure, which is KEY to spinal stability. People who suffer from chronic low back pain very often exhibit early fatigue of the diaphragm. That slouched desk jockey posture most people keep all day makes it impossible to perform diaphragmatic breathing and keep the core engaged. And then we wonder why we’re in pain and not living a life that is on point! #getonpoint #onpoint #chiropractic #core #training #breath #sportsmedicine #deskjockey #cruncheswontfixthis