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January 16, 2018, Written by 0 comment

New Year, New You!

Metagenics Clear Change Program:


With the New Year well upon us, we figured it would be a great time to focus on the important topic of Metabolic Detoxification.  Metabolic Detoxification is probably one of the best things you can do for your health and there are multiple reasons for you to start this program!  Whether you have a New Year’s Resolution to get healthier, to continue your healthy lifestyle, or to get your body On Point from the inside out, this program is sure to show results in the way you think, feel, look, and go about your day.

So what exactly does Metabolic Detoxification mean and how does our Metabolic Detoxification program work?

Our bodies are designed to naturally, and effortlessly undergo 3 separate phases of detoxification, or purification.  Water-soluble chemicals and pollutants, or xenobiotics, are neutralized in Phase I, and are eliminated through our sweat, stool, or urine.  On the other hand, fat-soluble compounds must undergo transformation and become water-soluble before they can be eliminated.  The 3 major phases of Metabolic Detoxification include: I-Functionalization, II-Conjugation, and III-Elimination.


Phase I- Functionalization

Enzymes in the liver break down foreign chemical substances, which produces highly reactive, free radical molecules that can enhance cellular function.

Phase II- Conjugation

Large molecules join modified xenobiotics to produce water-soluble substances that could be removed from the body.

Phase III- Elimination

During elimination, water-soluble substances are excreted mainly via the urine or stool.



In today’s modern world, it is no longer appropriate to ask IF we are toxic, but rather the more fitting question is to ask HOW toxic are we?  Each year, more than 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals, or xenobiotics, are released into the environment; these toxic chemicals can accumulate in your body and affect your overall health.  Long-term exposure to even small amounts of these substances has been linked to a number of unwelcome health effects.  Under normal circumstances, your body is able to rid itself of harmful chemicals and pollutants.  But sometimes, the sheer volume of toxins to which you are exposed to from the environment AND lifestyle choices can overwhelm natural detoxification processes, accumulate in your tissues, and put unchecked stress on your body.  With the increased number of chemicals somebody is exposed to on a day to day basis in our modern environment, a toxic burden becomes almost inevitable.  Add to that an unhealthy diet lacking in proper nutrients, and the problem can get even worse.


From the perfumes, deodorants and household products we use to the over processed food-like sources that we eat, toxins are everywhere.  With an increased number of toxins introduced into our bodies, our detoxification pathways become over-worked and are no longer able to filter out the bad stuff as efficiently and effectively as they should.  This can negatively affect the way our bodies work, and have a detrimental effect on our health.  With obesity being pretty much accepted as a public health crisis, it doesn’t help that toxins are fat soluble and are stored in our fat cells.  This means that the more fat an individual has, the more likely they are to be suffering from a toxic overload.


At this point, you’re probably wondering how to rid your body of all of these unnecessary toxins?  The easiest, and best way to start is by performing The Clear Change Metabolic Detoxification Program is aimed to enhance the body’s natural detoxification process, while ensuring you still have enough energy to support your overall health and well-being. This is not a diet craze, fast, or cleanse!  Metabolic Detoxification is nutrient dependent, meaning that YOUR MUST EAT in order to reap the full benefits.  The program is science-driven and its research-based formulas have over 20 years of successful clinical use.  These premier formulas offer different levels of support to meet individual needs to drive even more successful outcomes.    This is not a weight loss program, but patients generally lose approximately 7 lbs during the 10-day program.  One of the biggest changes I see in patients is that they are a lot more energetic (no more need for coffee) and their faces become more clear and refreshed upon completing the program.  The program is generally very easy to complete and patient’s truely do love it!


The detox kits come in both a 10 and 28 day formula, depending on your levels of toxicity and overall health and wellness goals.  The berry and vanilla shake flavors are my favorite and are quite enjoyable.  Most of my patients that have completed the program enjoyed the shakes so much, that they continued taking the shakes even once they completed their 10 or 28 day programs!


So where do you start? First start by printing and filling out a Metabolic Detoxification Questionnaire (found at the bottom of this blog post) to determine how toxic you may be and what lifestyle changes you may need to make.  From there we will be able to tell which program will be able to suite your specific health and wellness needs.


Signs you may need a Clear Change:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Waking up feeling unrefreshed
  • Lack of energy
  • Chemical sensitivity
  • Desire to enhance liver detoxification
  • Feeling bloated
  • Digestive discomfort


This Convenient 10-day Program Includes:

1. UltraClear RENEW Powder in (Berry, Vanilla or Chai) this advanced nutritional powder mix that is formulated to balance liver detoxification and heavy metal detoxification. It is a rice protein base and aids in the reduction of food allergens.

2. AdvaClear capsules, which is a pill that supports balanced metabolic detoxification that delivers vitamin B12, which supports brain function and folic acid, along with other nutrients designed to enhance liver detoxification. These products are non- GMO and gluten free.

3. Program guide with menu plan

4. Free shaker cup

5. Webinar invitation

6. 24/7 Support by Dr. Konopka



Sample Menu:

Breakfast: Rice cereal with unsweetened almond, rice or coconut milk topped with ½ banana sliced

Morning Supplementation: 1 Scoop recommended UltraClear product mixed as above; 1 AdvaClear capsule

Lunch: Vegetable rice soup with rice crackers and a fresh kiwi

Afternoon Supplementation: 1 Scoop recommended UltraClear product mixed as above, 1 AdvaClear capsule

Dinner: Broiled scrod and or pasta and beans; mixed green salad dressed with oil and vinegar dressing

Snacks (if desired); Nuts, raw vegetables, fruits, coconut yogurt, rice cakes with almond butter



Metabolic Detoxification Questionnaire